A Peek Into Warehouse Management System And It's Benefits

Warehouse Management System is a software and processes that allows optimization and control of warehouse operations. It is specifically implemented by the organization to meet the demand requirements of Supply Chain and Distribution Channels.

Warehouse Management System provides complete end-to-end solutions from the time goods or materials enters the warehouse and moves out.

Benefits of Warehouse Management System

Benefits of Warehouse Management System

Lowers the Operating Expenses
  • Determines the optimal use of Labor and Space
  • It supports FIFO, FEFO and LIFO principles

Inventory Visibility

  • Document the item entered in the warehouse
  • Monitors its movement in the warehouse
  • Organizes until it is shipped from the warehouse
Just- In -Time Inventory
  • WMS provides the balancing of this complex strategy
  • Accurate Demand Forecasting in WMS helps to meet demand
Continuous Upgradation
  • Consistent upgrades help the organization to stay ahead in the competition
  • Continuously improve warehouse operations
Enhanced Security
  • User based access level prevents unauthorised access
  • Accountability improves and reduced mistakes or thefts

Inbound and Outbound Optimization

  • WMS provides inbound tools for scheduling and put away management
  • It also helps to plan the pick and pack for outbound operations

Efficient Labor Management

  • WMS helps a broader understanding of workforce
  • It helps to assign work based on the proximity, skill level etc.

Improve Employee Morale

  • Efficient WMS reduces stress levels
  • Improves Productivity
  • Increases revenue

Benefits of using PALMSTM Smart Warehouse Management System      

Inbound and Outbound            

  • Seamless Integration with 3rd Party Systems (ERP, Transport Management Systems etc.)
  • Warehouse Automation through use of HHTs or integration with Robots and Voice Picking/Put Away Systems
  • Billing Management using the PALMSTM Billing module
  • Improve relation with customer and supplier by giving visibility on Expected Time of Arrival and Expected Time of Departure of goods
  • Warehouse Analytics using WMS specific KPIs and KPAs

This introduction is written by Shalini for Beginners and Students. There are many more benefits, which can be shared. For more information, write to Shalini Shukla - shalini.shukla@technoforte.co.in or info@technoforte.co.in

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